How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Makeup Artist



You’re getting married! Congratulations. All the champagne has been drunk and the date has been set. You have your venue and photographer and are ready to start planning the smaller details.

Every vendor in the wedding process is important. We all make up the perfect daisy chain that helps your day run smoothly. One isn’t necessarily more important than the other (although quietly I think dress and venue maybe trump the rest of us) and if you have the right businesses in place, your wedding day will be perfect.

If you're in Sydney you can book me here but if not, here are some things to think about when making the decision.

Word of Mouth

If your cousin Suzy had the best makeup artist ever and you’ve seen the pictures and loved them, then get in there and book that trial. Word of mouth is a great way to choose your artist. Advertising is great, but if you have a recommendation it could just be the insurance you need. If you've already booked your photographer ask them who they recommend as a great makeup artist makes their job easier too.

Nicola is an incredibly patient and talented makeup artist. My makeup was flawless and I felt absolutely beautiful
— Suzanna

Social Media

Places like Instagram and Facebook are great places to find artists. If you find an artist in your area and love their work then contact them for a trial. Be aware that not all pictures are raw and a lot have been manipulated with filters or blurring tools. This is when having a trial is priceless as you can know for sure they are right for you. You will pay a premium for artists that have a large number of followers as they will be in high demand but it doesn't always guarantee they are the right artist for you. 

Behind the Scenes

Sometimes we forget that makeup artistry is a profession and not just playing with pretty makeup. Find out; Do they have a great website? Do they advertise?  Is it easy to contact them?  Is it their full time gig and do they have professional practices in place?

If you contact an artist and they have very little in place to protect you and them, be careful. Most reputable makeup artists will have terms and conditions for you to agree to, as well as booking forms to complete. You should expect to pay for the service in advance and there should be a booking fee or retainer to save your date. There are loads of makeup artists out there who will accept cash on the day which can be great but if you haven’t paid a deposit in advance, you run the risk of a no show on the day.

Trial Run

The trial is a chance for you to not only see their work, but also get a feel for their business practices and personality. Check out the products they are using and the full set up. If their brushes or equipment look dirty then ask how they keep things clean. Make sure they are sanitising hands, brushes and products. Do they use disposable mascara wands or sanitise the wand after each application? Unfortunately there are some dodgy hygiene practices around and the last thing you want is to pick up a nasty cold sore on your honeymoon.

If you like them, book them

Some makeup artists get booked 6-18 months in advance. If you’ve found someone you like then secure the date because if they're good, someone else will. Don’t worry if you change your mind about the style of  hair or makeup, we can make changes easily and all you have to do is ask.  

Share the Love

Finally, if you’ve found a great wedding vendor of any kind, share them! It’s such a daunting task picking the right people for the most important day of your life. Let’s help make it a little easier!

Contact me if you have any questions about my Sydney hair and makeup services or if you need recommendations for any other vendors.