Makeup Tips

How to Help your Makeup Last

As much as we would love to have a makeup artist on hand for all our big events, most of the time, we have to do our own makeup.  Fortunately, there are some really easy things you can do to make your makeup sweat, shine and dance proof all night long.

1.       Clean, hydrated skin. It’s a myth that we need to have dry skin to make our makeup last or that if we moisturise it will slide off. If you apply makeup to dry, un-moisturised skin, chances are your base will come off sooner and look uneven. Your makeup or primer needs something to cling to. (Tip: moisturiser needs to settle before makeup is applied so wait a few minutes before makeup application).

2.   Primer.  A primer isn’t just there to make your makeup look fresh, it’s also one sure way to keep your makeup on longer as it creates a layer between your skin and the makeup. Often primers double as mattifiers and pore minimisers so you can eliminate shine whilst giving your makeup a great surface to sit on. (Tip: if you use a silicone formula foundation you can skip this step. I love Face Atelier Ultra Pro Foundation

3.   Eye Primers or Cream Eye shadows. When I'm making up a bride, her makeup needs to last up to 15 hours. My one weapon against creased or disappearing eye shadow is a primer made for the eyes or a long lasting cream eye shadow. The primers create a crease-free surface for your shadow to sit on and should make your eye makeup bullet proof. Apply Primer to the lid before adding your eyeshadow.  For a budget option try Rimmel London Lasting Finish Eye Primer.  (Tip: eye primers need an oil based eye makeup remover to remove as they are built to stay).

Rimmel Eye Primer.jpg

Eye primers will grab hold of the eyeshadow and help it last all day

4.    Powder You don’t need bucket loads of powder to make your makeup last, but you do need the right kind. Powders that are made to absorb oil and are colour free are fantastic. My go-to is RCMA No Color Powder.  Too much pressed powder can result in a cakey look so go easy. (Tip: if you’re having flash photography avoid product with Silica and Sunscreen which cause white flashback. If the powder is HD it will usually flashback).

5.     Layer your product. To keep makeup on longer, try using creams with powders layered over the top. This works with shadows and blush. Choose a cream colour first, then apply a powder in the same colour to lock it in. The Stila Convertible Colours are a favourite cream blush. (tip: cream colours should be applies sparingly and should be almost sheer.) 

6.    Setting Spray. There are few jobs I leave without applying a setting spray. It is  insurance that your makeup will still look flawless even at the end of the night. It creates an invisible film over your makeup which is water and smudge proof. Skindinavia setting sprays are great and they even have a purse size for use on the go.  (Tip: hairspray is not the same as a setting spray)


To apply your setting spray, make sure your eyes and mouth are closed and you have a good distance between the spray and your face. Wait 30 seconds before opening your eyes.

7.    Touch ups. As much as we wish it was, makeup isn't ever totally life proof.   You need to make sure you maintain it. If it’s a hot day or night and you’re sweating, use a tissue to blot down. If you are a crier, use a folded tissue or handkerchief and catch the tears before they hit your face. A cotton tip or two in the purse can come in handy for mascara mishaps. (Tip: continually layering on pressed powder isn't a great way to maintain makeup. Tissues and oil blotters work just as well and wont leave you ghostly.)


With these tips, you are well on your way to long lasting and fresh makeup. What other tips can you offer?