Skincare Tips

Back to Basics- Skin Care

I think we often get overwhelmed with the amount of products out there that we could potentially be using on our skin. Certainly as I've gotten older, I've added to my own routine. If you're really new to skin care or don't really use much at all, this is for you. I'm breaking down what I think you must have, down to some of the less necessary products. 

What do you Really Need Skin?

100% Yes- you need….

SPF 30-50+ every day. Remember to blend it down your neck and chest. One designed for the face is great. I like Ella Bache Facial SPF (it’s quite thick but smells good!)



If you do one thing for your skin this should be it

Cleanser You really must cleanse your face in the morning and before bed.  I use a cream cleanser in the shower like Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution and to take my makeup off at night I use a water-based Cleanser like Bioderma Crealine H2O. If you have dryer skin, avoid foaming/soapy cleansers as they strip the skin of natural oils. My budget pick is Cetaphil Cleanser.

If you have dry skin avoid soapy,foaming cleansers

If you have dry skin avoid soapy,foaming cleansers

Moisturiser. Choose one that is right for your skin type.  For dry skin I love Clinique Moisture Surge Intense. As we age, we tend to need more moisture so choose a lovely rich formula. I use moisturisers with SPF but make sure they are SPF 30. My budget pick is Nivea Q10 Plus Day Cream

Lip balm for protection and to soothe. I’m fan of Suvana Honey Paw Paw Cream

You Probably Should have…

Exfoliator- Use a gentle exfoliator up to three times weekly. I recommend the Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant if you're concerned about anti aging. I also like a chemical exfoliant and currently testing out the Alpha -H Liquid Gold. This uses Alpha Hydroxi acids to exfoliate and resurface the skin.  Avoid products that are overly ‘sandy’ as they can damage sensitive skin. A great budget exfoliator is a clean, warm, soft face or muslin cloth. Use  a couple of times a week with your cleanser.

A chemical exfoliant can be gentler on sensitive skin

A chemical exfoliant can be gentler on sensitive skin


Serum- Serums are not a moisturiser. They generally go under your moisturiser and are highly concentrated active ingredients for you skin, formulated according to problem areas. There are serums for anti aging, hydration and blemishes so choose one that best suits your skin type.   They are a relatively new ‘essential’ but I do recommend if you have specific areas you are targeting. For a budget serum, beauty guru, Zoe Foster Blake recommends Rose Hip Oil. For a bigger budget a great all rounder is the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.

Eye Cream- I’m not going to worry if you don’t have this in your routine but it’s a good idea.  The skin around our eyes is thinner and more sensitive and seeds a gentle product. Anything overly oily can produce sebaceous pimples so a light cream here is great.

You Don’t really need…

Night Cream- If your using a serum and a moisturiser without spf then you’re ok.

Toner- Nice and refreshing yes, but not something you need.  My water based cleanser doubles as a toner as I don’t have to wash it off.


Eye masks- All eye masks really are, are masks infused with an eye creams or serums.  They can be lovely and refreshing and some will give you a non-permanent plump up.  If you want to really indulge, the SKII Eye Mask is lovely before an event. I'm also loving Lonvitalit24K Gold and Collagen Eye Masks.

These gold eye masks are fun but also provide and instant under eye refresh

These gold eye masks are fun but also provide and instant under eye refresh

Face Masks- Once in a while, to make you feel like you’re doing your skin some good, then a mask can be fun. I love the full masks that make you look like a mummy and they do really pack a lot of ingredients in. I'm currently testing Kiss Ready Skin's Superfoods Antioxidants Face mask. I'll keep you posted.

What are your skin must haves?